Galerie Mont Ste-Anne

Fallen angels

This sculpture commemorating the attack to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was created in September 2001 by Riccardo Finizia a Canadian artist.

He was here, in our gardens on September 11th 2001 ready to create a sculpture. He created this masterpiece as a tribute to all the people who died following this catastrophic event.

Here is a brief description.

All around the marble are five angels falling freely from the sky all azimuth. Riccardo left some of it raw to show the rawness of the event. It is presented on two stainless steel pillars depicting the Twin Towers. The black part of the marble refers to the calcination caused by the intensity of the fire.

The flower arrangement under symbolizes ashes ( Artemisia ), dust flying around ( Silver mound ) and the silvery white plant in a corner is called ( Angel wings ).

The stones that surround the base represent the remnants of the buildings falling apart caused by this phenomenal explosion.

One can only be moved by it and plunged into meditation when confronted to the astounding interpretation of this unimaginable event.

Through the years life reappeared in a moss form scattered here and there on the raw marble showing that life pursues its journey through time.

These somnolent angels are awaiting in our gardens. Stop and contemplate them when you visit our gallery. A must!