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Italian of origin, Gerometta was fascinated at an early age by the art of mosaics. His keen interest and natural talent enabled him to be accepted in 1949 at Italy's foremost mosaic school, the National School of Mosaic Design ''Irene of Spilimbergo''. He graduates after 4 years of intense study.
During his first years in Canada, in 1954, Gerometta executed several mosaic murals in churches and public buildings throughout the province of Québec.
Already endowed with the necessary  skills of design and sketch from his years of mosaic study, he takes additional art classes at the Musée du Québec. With great passion and hard work Gerometta succeeds. He has solo exhibitions in Montréal, Hull, Halifax and participates in group exhibitions in many Canadian cities. He also participates at the Baie St-Paul art symposium in 1982 and 1983.
His mosaics and his paintings hang in many public and private collections throughout Canada, the United-States and Europe. They portray nature and every day life. It is the unusual or uncommon content and perspective as well as the simplicity of the colours and composition of his paintings which strike the viewer. Muted, soft tones, large planes of colour, and a tendency towards clear geometric forms characterize Gerometta's work.



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