Desrosiers Jean-Guy

Selft-taught,he attends however the École des Beaux-Arts of Québec city between 1958 and 1965. He improved his painting techniques while working as an illustrator. During his thirty years experience, he has held numerous solo and group exhibitions. He also taught drawing and watercolor at the Moulin des Arts.

Title: 13h.plein février

Medium: Oil

Size: 30'' x 10''

Title: Deux octobre

Medium: Oil

Size: 6'' x 8''


Title: St-Hilarion

Medium: Oil

Size: 6'' x *''

Title: Automne en campagne

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 6'' x 8''

Titre: Rue du Fort

Medium: Oil

Size: 12'' x 9''

Title: Les touristes de la Place

Medium: Oil

Size: 12'' x 20''

Title: Ce fleuve de Charlevoix

Medium: Size: 10'' x 12''

Title: Lac isolé

Medium: Oil

Size: 16'' x  20''

Title: Une partie sur l'étang

Médium: Oil

Size: 9''x 12''


Title: Le Château au printemps

Medium: Oil

Size: 16''x 12''

Title: Florac

Medium: Oil

Size: 12½''x 24½''

Title: Fleurs et cerises

Medium: Oil

Size:30''x 5''