Bouchard Dany

Born in Montreal, Dany Bouchard studied graphic arts. She developed and exploited her aptitudes for drawing and visuals arts by working in this field mostly as a freelance-artist. In 1997, she began devoting herself exclusively to painting. After the rational, practical approach she experienced in graphic arts, she expresses now freely her feelings through painting. It brings her a sense of great satisfaction and fulfilment.

Title: Nature sauvage

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 36'' x 24''

Title: Droit au coeur

Medium: Oil

Size: 20'' x 16''

Titre: Ici et ailleur

Medium: Acrylique

Size: 20''x 20''

Title: Dévoilement

Medium: Acrylic

Size 12''x 12''

Title: Québec, la grande dame

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 24''x 48''

Title: Courant d'espoir
Medium: Acrylic
Size: 72'' x 18''